Sala konferencyjna - Dwór Kolesin


Dwór Kolesin is a professional and comfortable conference center. We host conferences, trainings, and business meetings.

We offer spacious conference rooms for over 100 people, with modern equipment. Our training rooms are perfect for educational and business meetings. Dwór Kolesin has excellent accomodation and restaurant facilities.

In all our rooms, including guest rooms, Internet connection and other media are available. We do not only ensure comfortable working conditions but also provide opportunities for good rest after the educational and business meetings.

Dwór Kolesin is located in a peaceful environment, by a lake, and is surrounded by a beautiful park. In the forrests nearby there is an abundance of mushrooms and berries. We organize active rest and social activities, including forest trips, sight-seeing tours, kayaking, picnics, and bonfires. We provide the equipment for sports and recreation.