SPA & Recreation and the environment

The stunning natural landscape around Dwór Kolesin makes it an excellent destination for recreational purposes.   Our guests can walk in the vast park among the huge, ancient trees, many of them linden trees characteristic of local woods. The paths lead to the shore of the lake. The abundant flora is interspersed wth natural springs. Not only can our guests rest in the park but they can also improve their health in the outdoor spa.   Nature lovers will also be delighted by the nearby forrests full of mushrooms and berries.   Active people can try kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, diving, and paddle boats. Our guests also enjoy nordic walking, cross-country skiing, angling, and horse riding.   In spring and summer we organize rides in horse-drawn carriages, sight-seeing tours, bicycle rides, and bonfire parties.   In winter there are sleigh parties with torches.   We want Dwór Kolesin to inspire its guests and facilitate physical and spiritual rejuvenation.